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SEO Plugins for WordPress you should use

SEO Plugins for WordPress

Although there are several SEO tools available, and no one denies their importance, using WordPress SEO plugins is one of the simplest and most accessible ways to improve your WordPress site. There are a lot of WordPress SEO plugins to select from, which is a good thing. While there isn't a WordPress plugin for every form of SEO tool you can think of, there are a few WordPress SEO plugins you should try (if you haven't already). Here's a rundown of the most crucial.

Rank Math SEO by Rank Math


Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that makes it simple for anybody to improve their content using built-in recommendations based on generally acknowledged best practices. With Structured data, you can easily adjust critical SEO parameters, such as which pages are in
Your one-stop shop for all SEO requirements
Run 30 incredibly useful SEO tests automatically to guarantee your site is correctly configured.
With Rank Math's built-in Google Search Console connection, you can keep tabs on your website's search performance.
Without ever leaving the WordPress admin area, track the success of particular keywords and their associated click-through rates at a glance.
Without tinkering with HTML and hoping for the best, easily setup 16 various forms of structured data (Schema markup).
Rank Math is safe, and we protect your privacy at all costs, thanks to periodic code reviews and a proactive team of engineers.
We take customer service seriously and are here to ensure that no inquiries go unanswered and that you have a pleasant experience.
Setup Wizard is Simple to Use
It's almost as though Rank Math configures itself. Rank Math comes with an easy-to-use installation and configuration wizard that correctly configures SEO for WordPress.
Rank Math evaluates your site's settings after installation and offers the optimum settings for optimal performance. The SEO, social profiles, webmaster profiles, and other SEO settings are then set up by the step-by-step wizard.dexable and how you want your website to appear in search.
The user interface is simple and clean.
Rank Math is meant to provide you with the appropriate information at the appropriate moment. The user interface is simple yet effective, highlighting key information about your postings alongside the post itself. You may instantly boost the SEO of your content by using this information.
Advanced snippet previews are also available in Rank Math. You can see how your article will appear in the SERPs, see rich snippets, and see how it will look when shared on social media by previewing it.
Designed for maximum performance
We take performance very seriously, and we've spent years developing software for WordPress websites.
Our major focus is to keep improving our plugin's speed and ensuring that new feature does not jeopardize it so that it runs as quickly as possible.
Industry-Leading Assistance
We look after our own. When you utilize Rank Math, you won't be left in the dark. We have one of the fastest response rates for support requests and are able to fix issues quickly and efficiently. We provide assistance as though we were asking for it. Our team is accessible to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

WordPress SEO by Yoast


Yoast is made up of a continuously expanding group of internet nerds. We're a young company with a strong international reputation for SEO and website optimization. On our blogs, we offer free SEO and/or web development articles several times every week. We host MeetUps and provide talks at conferences.
We at Yoast are very community-oriented and place a great priority on Open Source. We provide both free and premium WordPress, NEOS, and TYPO3 plugins, and we're continually striving to extend our horizons. In addition to software, we provide online (SEO) training through our Yoast Academy.
Our business is growing all the time. We develop a large number of new items. We produce courses on a regular basis, in addition to continuing to enhance our Yoast SEO plugins. New product development is primarily done internally and is a true team effort. Authors, artists, marketeers, developers, and researchers make up our team. We work together to create new and unique SEO tools!
Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin is deservedly regarded as one of the best WordPress SEO plugins. It's a comprehensive package that addresses practically every facet of SEO. You may use WordPress SEO by Yoast to assess onpage and offpage aspects, develop XML sitemaps, optimize meta and link components, as well as RSS and breadcrumbs, alter the.htaccess and robots.txt files, enjoy social network integration, and much more. In some ways, you might not need anything else if you obtain this plugin.

All in One SEO Pack

all in one seo

Another popular and comprehensive SEO package for WordPress is All in One SEO Pack. You may use this one, like WordPress SEO by Yoast, to manage all of your SEO responsibilities. All in One SEO Pack includes XML sitemaps, title and metatag optimization, sophisticated canonical URLs, and more. Its capacity to reduce duplicate content concerns is one of its distinguishing qualities. It's also a plugin that may be used on e-commerce sites.
Without Hiring an Expert, Set Up WordPress SEO Properly
In less than 10 minutes, AIOSEO makes it simple to lay the correct SEO foundations. Based on your individual profile, our smart setup process optimizes your website's SEO settings.
With TruSEO Score, you can easily optimize your pages for higher rankings.
TruSEO Score provides a more detailed appraisal of your optimization efforts than a simple pass/fail. With our actionable checklist, you'll be able to get the most traffic out of each page.
All of Your Favorite Tools Are Integrated Effortlessly
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other prominent social media networks are all seamlessly integrated into All in One SEO.
We also make it simple to connect with Google Search Console and Google AMP, as well as interact with a variety of popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and MemberPress.
Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO are both supported.
For local companies, All in One SEO provides full support for Google Knowledge Graph and markup.
You can also simply improve your WooCommerce product pages, categories, and other aspects of your store.
Top-Rated Plugin + Unparalleled Customer Service
Our software is used by over 18 million websites to increase traffic and income.
Our support team has been recognized for industry-leading ratings from our clients, with over 1,500 5-star evaluations.

XML Sitemaps

xml sitemap

If you don't want to use a full SEO suite like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO Pack, which include XML sitemap generating as one of its many functions, but only want a basic plugin for this, Google XML Maps is the best option. This plugin doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles, and it doesn't have a lot of features, but it is extremely quick and dependable for generating XML sitemaps, even if your site is enormous and has hundreds of pages.
Create unique XML sitemaps with this plugin to substantially boost SEO and assist search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and better index your site.
Crawlers will be able to view the entire structure of your site and get it more quickly if you have a sitemap like this. All types of WordPress-generated pages, as well as custom URLs, are supported by the plugin. It also tells all of the main search engines whenever you write a new post about the fresh information.

HTML Sitemap for WordPress

Yoast de Valk

Yoast de Valk HTML Sitemap is yet another plugin (or, more properly, a template) for WordPress. While XML sitemaps are beneficial to search engines, an HTML sitemap is far more beneficial to your human visitors. HTML sitemap creation is not included in Yoast's WordPress SEO plugin; it must be purchased separately. The link's design is unique in that it provides you a lot of choice in deciding what to include in your HTML sitemap and what to leave out.
An HTML sitemap (rather than an XML sitemap) is frequently suggested as being beneficial to SEO. They are if you use them intelligently (and Bing, in particular, appears to favor them at times), but I like them even more since users seem to like them a lot

Broken Link Checker

broken link chequer

There isn't an SEO professional alive who isn't aware of the dangers of broken links. Even for a tiny site, manually checking for broken links is impractical. While there are a variety of free and paid programs available to check for broken links, if you don't want to leave WordPress, you can install the Broken Link Checker plugin and use it to keep track of the health of your connections. You will be alerted if a broken link is discovered.
Broken Link Checker keeps track of all internal and external links on your site and examines them for broken connections. It aids in the removal of broken links in order to enhance SEO and user experience.
After you install the plugin, it will begin analyzing your articles, bookmarks (also known as blogrolls), and other material for links. This might take anything from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of your site. When the parsing is finished, the plugin will begin inspecting each link for functionality. The length of time this takes is determined on the size of your site and the number of links it has. Settings -> Link Checker allows you to keep track of the progress and adjust different link checking parameters.
By default, the “Broken Links” tab will provide a list of all broken links that have been discovered so far. Instead, you may utilize the links on that page to see a list of all links, functional or not, or to see a list of all redirects. By completing a search and using the “Build Custom Filter” option, you may also create new link filters. This may be used, for example, to construct a filter that only displays comment links.

SEO Smart Links

seo smart link

While the previous plugin is helpful for detecting broken links, SEO Links Checker gives you more control when it comes to dealing with your links. This plugin's goal is to automatically create links (such as affiliate links) and make them nofollow if desired. This plugin is a great helper if you have a large site with a lot of affiliate links related to a single keyword. Just remember to utilize links intelligently, and don't pack your posts with them just because it's convenient.
SEO Smart Links provides your site with automated SEO benefits, as well as custom keyword lists, nofollow, and much more.
Keywords and phrases in your articles and comments may be linked to similar posts, pages, categories, and tags on your blog using SEO Smart Links.
Furthermore, SEO Smart Links allows you to create your own keywords and URLs. Finally, you can use SEO Smart Links to set the nofollow attribute and open links in a new window.
It's a great way to link your blog entries together or add affiliate links to other websites.
Everything happens in the open, and you may change the settings from the administrative settings page.



SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin that can help you enhance your SEO, increase traffic, improve social sharing, develop custom HTML and XML Sitemaps, optimize breadcrumbs, add schemas / Google Structured data types, handle 301 redirections, and much more.
No advertising, no footprints, white label, in backend AND frontend Content analysis to help you generate content optimized for search engines Import your post and keyword metadatas from other plugins in 1 click Since 2017, it has been trusted by over 200,000 WordPress websites.

SmartCrawl WordPress SEO checker, SEO analyzer, SEO optimizer


With SmartCrawl, you can improve your site's SEO optimization and ranking. Improve your keyword optimization, XML sitemaps, meta tags, titles, and descriptions, and increase your Google PageRank.
If you're seeking for the best WordPress SEO plugin, SmartCrawl is a must-try. There's no more fiddling with settings, guessing, or wondering if your SEO is optimized properly with SmartCrawl. SmartCrawl's one-click setup, automated XML sitemaps, increased social sharing, real-time keyword and content analysis, as well as scans and reports, are all useful features.
Create content that is clear, bold, and targeted to rank at the top of your preferred search engine, from Google to Bing.
The SEO Tools for WordPress from SmartCrawl include:
Activate settings to boost your reach with the One-Click Setup Wizard — no more guesswork!
SEO Checkup & Reports – Perform an audit and receive tips for how to improve your SEO.
Titles and Meta Descriptions — Controls how your meta titles and descriptions appear on search results pages.
Use social media to your advantage — SmartCrawl incorporates Open Graph, Twitter card, and Pinterest verification, as well as crediting you when your content are shared.
Choose which post types, archives, and categories to include, omit, or add to the XML sitemap using the Sitemap Generator.
Smart Page Analyzer – SmartCrawl features an SEO analyzer that examines pages and posts for readability and keyword density and gives recommendations for content optimization.
SmartCrawl will notify Google when you upload new material to your site, indicating that it is time for a re-crawl.
Support for Schema Markup — Make it easy for search engines to comprehend what your content is about.
Add and alter a variety of schema markup types with the Schema Types Builder.
SmartCrawl may be used to divert visitors from one URL to another, protecting your hard work and allowing you to take advantage of high-producing links.
Integrate SEO Tools from Moz – Do you already use Moz? Connect your Moz reports and comparative analyses, including rank and links, to your Google Analytics account.
Setup in Minutes Import/Export — With the integrated import, you can quickly upload your own SmartCrawl SEO settings to all of your sites.

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework

The only feature-rich SEO plugin that adheres to WordPress and search engine white-hat principles and laws.
Start optimizing your website for SEO using tried and true strategies. Clean, devoted, expandable, unconstrained, ad-free, and without restrictions.
To top it off, this is the quickest full-featured SEO plugin available, and it seamlessly integrates with your WordPress website, leaving you in the dark.
It's simple to begin going. When you activate this plugin, your site is immediately safeguarded from well-known SEO exploits. All crucial meta tags will be prefilled for you by the SEO Framework. This is a huge time saving. Ingenious.
The SEO Framework is a professional SEO framework. It's the only solution that can scan your WordPress environment and intelligently build vital SEO meta tags in any language. This automation saves you a lot of time, which you might use to generate additional content or focus on other things. It also eliminates the requirement for in-depth SEO expertise.
It's already set up.
We give a fantastic starting point for your website with The SEO Framework by systematically optimizing all of your pages. Naturally, you are free to alter it as you see fit. If you're not an SEO expert, check out our Setup guide to see what you might want to optimize.



“SEO SIMPLE PACK” is a straightforward SEO plugin.
Basic meta tags are generated, which are necessary for SEO purposes.
It is possible to customize it for each page type.
You may also configure the OGP information needed for social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
For each post, page, and term, you may change the meta tag information separately.
Each meta tag's output content can also be modified using a hook.
The Google Analytics measurement code and the Webmaster Tools verification code are both simple to set.



WP Meta SEO provides you complete control over your SEO efforts. Content and image SEO in bulk, on-page content check, 404 and redirect WP Meta SEO plugin, and key SEO features
Edit all of your website's meta data in one place.
With a live SEO analysis, you may make changes to the meta of your article.
In the content, fix HTML image scaling. Edit image file names and meta data in bulk.
Internal broken link checker, 404 errors redirect, and bulk update SEO link title
Add Google Analytics monitoring information to WordPress and show statistics
Create sitemaps in XML and HTML.
Facebook and Twitter social sharing components may be customized for each piece of content.
Generator of breadcrumbs….

SEO Plugin by Squirrly SEO


The final plugin on this list, Squirrly's SEO Plugin, is another comprehensive SEO suite, but this time it's for non-SEO specialists. However, the plugin is not in any way inferior to the others; it simply does not provide as many possibilities to work directly with code. From content marketing to keyword research to SEO analytics to onpage optimization, Squirrly handles all facets of SEO customisation.
NON-SEO Experts utilize Squirrly SEO, a popular WordPress SEO plugin, to increase their search engine traffic. Provides the same degree of assistance as a Human consultant, but with more precision and customisation.
Follow the Daily SEO Goals and use Squirrly's built-in SEO tools to get greater rankings with less work by following the Daily SEO Goals.

SEO Friendly Images

seo friendly image

We all know how crucial image optimization is and how long it might take. This is why having a trustworthy buddy on your side makes all the difference. It's a lot easier to optimize your photographs using the SEO Friendly Images plugin for WordPress. This plugin adds alt and title attributes to all of your photos automatically. Of course, if you don't like the ideas, you can always change the alt and title characteristics that are automatically added to something you like.
SEO Friendly Photos is a WordPress SEO plugin that adds suitable ALT and TITLE attributes to all images for SEO reasons. SEO Friendly Photos will add ALT and TITLE to your images if they don't already exist, based on the choices you select. This also ensures that the post is W3C/xHTML compliant.
Search engine optimization relies heavily on the ALT property. It defines your photographs to search engines, and it is a critical determining factor for a match when a user searches for a certain image.
When the cursor is over an image, the TITLE property has a little function, but it is crucial for visitors since this text will show in the tooltip automatically.