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Analyse your SEO Ranking with This Free Alexa Rank Checker

About Alexa Rank Checker


Alexa analytics is a free on-line device that lets customers have a look at a website's contemporary ranking on the Alexa rating system.

The Alexa Ranking Checker device from RankWatch can help you confirm your website's modern SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranks in accordance to the Alexa Pagerank methodology.

The Alexa Pagerank Checker was once created through expert builders that specialize in their area. The module has been examined severa times, and in the extensive majority of cases, an correct Alexa Ranking used to be generated surprisingly immediately.

You might also add up to 5 special domains and display every one's Alexa rating. To begin, click on the ‘Check My Alexa Ranking' button, and our Pagerank Checker will generate the Alexa net records in a rely of seconds.

The device used to be created by means of expert internet builders that have a thorough grasp of internet analytics and is therefore constructed to be pretty trustworthy. Our webrank checker device will furnish you with dependable and simple-to-understand facts gleaned from Alexa's internet engines.

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Small website positioning Tools' Alexa Rank Checker might also show the following information:

Global Rank:

The role of the internet site underneath investigation in relation to all different web sites on the internet.
How many human beings established the internet site on a everyday basis? (as estimated with the aid of Alexa based totally on the quantity of Alexa Toolbar users they are in a position to track).
Country: The united states of america having the absolute best vacationer proportion.

Country Rank:

The website's role in that country.


How the site's ranking has worsened or multiplied over time.

In the ultimate report, our Alexa Ranking Checker will consist of the following elements:

Global Alexa Rank

Get the international rankings of the furnished area amongst the billions of web sites that have been registered on the internet.

Reach Rank on Alexa

You ought to be conscious of the quantity of humans who go to your website.
The website online that generates the most visitors The kingdom from which you obtain the most site visitors is recognized by using the identify of the country.
In that country, the domain's ranking
Learn about your Alexa ranking in the us of a the place your internet site receives the most traffic.

Situation at the moment

It is absolutely decided by means of your Alexa ranking. Our Alexa Pagerank checker will provide you a variety that suggests how properly your web site has carried out in the rankings. You can see how your Alexa rankings have extended or reduced over time by means of analyzing this area.
What is Alexa Ranking and How Does It Work?

Since mid-1997, Alexa ('s daughter) has furnished Internet customers with a free toolbar that presents them with a number of critical on line aspects in their browser. According to the toolbar's website, it has been downloaded over 10 million instances globally. The toolbar's use offers statistics about the web sites that the person visits. Alexa can supply an indicator of a website's recognition and comparable web sites due to the fact to the toolbar's hundreds of thousands of customers globally, alternatively it differs from area authority (visitors to this web page additionally go to these sites, a precept we additionally recognize from It presents this statistics for free on its website, as properly as critiques of the most famous web sites on a ordinary groundwork (by class or by means of language area). It gives an overview of the pinnacle a hundred web sites in the Dutch language region, as properly as the Traffic Rank (= Alexa Rank) and related websites for every internet site (if covered in the database). This is an gorgeous useful resource for internet entrepreneurs and admins. The query is, how straightforward are these figures?

Finding out a website's “Alexa Rank” is one of the most prevalent strategies to get a experience of how famous it is.
Alexa is an on line analytics firm owned by way of that provides internet site visitors information and different advertising metrics primarily based on statistics it gathers from a number of toolbars and net browser extensions.
Although Alexa gives a range of offerings and has even been engaged in some vast initiatives in the previous (such as imparting a database that used to be used to create the Wayback Machine), “Alexa Rank” is its most widely wide-spread carrier or product.

What is Alexa's position?

Alexa assigns rankings to web sites based totally on facts acquired via the Alexa Toolbar or a bulk alexa rank checker. The Alexa toolbar is handy for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer and may also be downloaded from the Alexa website. Users should installation the Alexa toolbar in order to acquire these statistics, implying that the information does no longer signify all Internet users.

The Alexa PageRank checker does now not use a difficult approach to calculate a website's rating; instead, it makes use of a a lot easier and superior technique.

Alexa video display units net users' things to do and documents the quantity of visitors despatched to your website. Unique visits and complete Page views from Alexa toolbar customers are protected in the site visitors statistics for the final three months. It calculates a website's Alexa Ranking primarily based on that information.

The Alexa Site Ranking listing covers the rankings of most, if no longer all, of the domains. In general, domains that are no longer protected in Alexa Analytics are probably to have inadequate site visitors to their website.Every webmaster will set up the Alexa Toolbar on their browser on account that they demand real-time statistics on their website's traffic. If you use the Alexa Toolbar, you will be one of the practicable sources for Alexa to accumulate PageRank and site visitors facts in order to decide your Alexa Ranking.

On the market, there are a few equipment for checking Alexa website online ranks. even has a devoted region the place you can take a look at the ranks of websites.

So, why need to you make use of Small search engine optimisation Tools' Alexa net rank checker? What distinguishes and distinguishes our instrument from different comparable equipment on the market?

To start with, our device is created the use of the most up-to-date, superior science handy for giving the most dependable consequences you can matter on.

Plus, it is the easiest to use (we appeared at different equipment and none of them are as easy to use).
But it's now not all: our Alexa internet site rankings checker lets in you to test the Alexa Rating of a number of web sites (up to 5) at as soon as for free.
Most different Alexa Rank assessments do not furnish you this option. You additionally do not have get entry to to severa internet site analyses on the website.
When you test the Alexa Rank of many websites at once, you can evaluate and distinction them, which is one of the advertising advantages of internet site rank checking.

Why Check Alexa Ranking?

For your domain, Alexa Ranking records is useful. When you appear at your site's Alexa ranking, you can see how plenty incoming site visitors it has. If your site's traction is decrease than expected, you may additionally begin focusing extra on On-page and Off-page web optimization (Search Engine Optimization) to increase your domain's Alexa rank.

When Should You Check Your Alexa Ranking?

During verification and advertising, you need to confirm a website's Alexa web site rating or PageRank. Knowing your Alexa Rating makes it less complicated to provide an advertiser a charge for advertising and marketing on your area and entice greater advertisers.

The Alexa Website Ranking, on the different hand, will aid entrepreneurs in verifying the visitors claims made through the area owner. As a result, you may not be duped into marketing on a platform with low income margins.

Businesses have to keep tune of their competitors' Alexa Web Rankings in order to put together beforehand and be triumphant in producing higher returns.


Alexa Tool is extraordinarily convenient to use and straightforward, with a well-designed consumer interface created for simplicity. You genuinely want to comply with the directions under to make use of the tool:
1: Verify that you are on the Alexa internet site rating page, which you are most in reality on proper now.
2: Type in the URLs you want to examine. You may additionally add up to 5 area names, and our machine will take a look at them all at the identical time in no time.
3: Finally, press the “Check” button.
Finally, the application will at once supply the Alexa rank consequences for bulk domain, together with all of the formerly special information.

Finally, the application will right now supply the Alexa rank consequences for bulk domain, together with all of the before unique information. That concludes our discussion.

You're additionally welcome to make use of our different free search engine optimisation tools, such as the Alexa Rank Comparison Tool, as a suggestion.

You would possibly be questioning how to use our Alexa Ranker device to gather an Alexa ranking. Here's the solution.

digito's builders apprehend how indispensable it is for corporations to acquire instantaneous remarks on their Alexa Website rating. As a result, they developed a software with a easy consumer interface that analyzes your website's Alexa Analytics and Alexa Statistics and generates an Alexa Ranking document in seconds.

To use the Alexa Ranker Tool, first open it, then enter one or up to 5 domains for which you prefer to take a look at Alexa rating, and then click on the ‘Find Alexa Rank' button.

That's all there is to it.

On the market, there are a few equipment for checking Alexa website online ranks. even has a devoted place the place you can take a look at the ranks of websites.

So, why must you make use of Small web optimization Tools' Alexa net rank checker? What distinguishes and distinguishes our instrument from other comparable equipment on the market?

To start with, our device is created the use of the most up-to-date, superior science accessible for giving the most dependable effects you can count number on.

Plus, it is the easiest to use (we seemed at different equipment and none of them are as easy to use).
But it's no longer all: our Alexa internet site rankings checker permits you to test the Alexa Rating of countless web sites (up to 5) at as soon as for free.
Most different Alexa Rank assessments do not grant you this option. You additionally do not have get admission to to severa internet site analyses on the website.
When you test the Alexa Rank of many web sites at once, you can evaluate and distinction them, which is one of the advertising advantages of internet site rank checking.Furthermore, we created this device using a proprietary algorithm that wholly examines the Alexa web site rating. Our builders have double-checked and double-checked the whole lot to make certain that we can grant you with correct Alexa internet rankings.Now, a statistic recognized as “Alexa Ranking” costs web sites in order of popularity. It's a international rating device that makes use of information from on-line site visitors to collect a listing of the most famous web sites on the Internet in phrases of usage.
This listing does now not consist of all of the world's area names, however it does encompass thousands and thousands of them. The solely cause a area identify may also be excluded from the Alexa Rank listing (typically automatically) is if it is no longer famous adequate in phrases of the quantity of humans who go to or use it.
This ranking is decided via “how properly a internet site [has] carried out relative to all different web sites on the internet over the preceding three months,” in accordance to Alexa. In phrases of how Web Alexa ranks websites, the extra famous a web page is, the decrease its ranking becomes. Yes, it is pretty normal! This shows that a internet site with a ranking of “1” on Alexa is the most popular, as adversarial to one with a rank of “100,000.”
Let's practice this to our personal situation:
Alexa Rank Checker is a software that approves you to shortly confirm the Alexa Rank of any internet site on the Internet. We developed the device to be dependable, so you can count number on it to provide correct and intelligible statistics straight from Alexa's internet engines.We'll go into Alexa Checker by using Small search engine marketing Tools in higher element later, however first, let's seem at how Alexa Rankings function and why you ought to test it in the first place.


“The site visitors rank is a blended measure of web page views and customers (reach),” in accordance to, “and is based totally on three months of aggregated historic visitors facts from hundreds of thousands of Alexa Toolbar customers plus facts gathered from other, different visitors information sources.”This ability that the rating is decided via combining a site's estimated common every day special traffic and estimated quantity of pageviews over the preceding three months with a proprietary algorithm. Alexa gathers data from thousands and thousands of humans who make use of a toolbar supplied by using the business.
The Alexa toolbar is handy for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer browser extensions, as nicely as via Alexa's website. Users should deploy the Alexa toolbar on their browser in order for Alexa to achieve these statistics.”Alexa's visitors estimates and rankings are based totally on the looking undertaking of human beings in our global facts panel, which represents a pattern of all net users,” the organisation acknowledges.
However, the facts supplied via Alexa may additionally assist you get a “general” feel of how famous a internet site is in most situations, which is why it is nevertheless considered valuable. But why appear for such statistics in the first place? What do you intend to use it for? Let's have a seem at it now.


You might also analyze “how properly a internet site is doing relative to all different web sites on the internet in the course of the preceding three months,” as Alexa places it. Using our free Website Analytics Tool, you can test your Alexa Rank.
Here are 4 principal matters you can function with Alexa Rank's analytic data:


Knowing your site's Alexa Rank is vital whether or not you are a blogger or internet site proprietor when you consider that it gives you a clear experience of how famous your internet site is on the Internet. You may additionally use the facts to layout the high-quality techniques to make bigger site visitors to your website online or the most strategic movements to outperform the competition. Yes, you may additionally test your site's Alexa Web Ranking on a time-honored foundation to hold music of its growth, whether or not it is dropping or gaining popularity. Of course, if you see that its recognition is dwindling, you may additionally at once treatment the situation.

2.Competitive Intelligence:

Alexa may also be used to acquire aggressive intelligence. That potential you may additionally use the records to do a aggressive learn about to see how lots visitors a competitor's internet site is attracting. You might also additionally examine and distinction your internet site with the web sites of huge opponents to see how you all evaluate in phrases of on line popularity. Alexa Checker, our first-rate tool, is perfect for this considering it permits you to affirm the Alexa website statistics of many web sites at once.

3.Marketing Analysis:

If you are a marketer, Alexa Rating can assist you parent out how famous a internet site is so you can figure out whether or not or now not to center of attention your classified ads there and at what price. In reality, one of the factors that advertisers consider when deciding the advertising manageable of centered web sites is Alexa internet site rating.

4.“Who-is-Who” Alexa Rank divides web sites into three categories:

“Global,” “Country,” and “Category.” You may also analyze “who is who” in a unique country or enterprise through searching at the most visited web sites in that united states or enterprise the use of the “Country” and “Category” rankings. You can additionally view how your internet site and opponents rank in every state and category.

Let's talk about checking your Alexa Rank now that you comprehend what to do with the records from Alexa Rank

5.Alexa Ranking for Reliability:

The query of the Alexa Ranking's trustworthiness has been debated for years. Many human beings consider that numbers are meaningless (see, for example, the discussions at and Others make use of the Ranking for public members of the family or lookup purposes. Alexa Ranking's accuracy is mainly decided via the quantity of toolbar customers and the representativeness of these users. Already, the assist web page suggests that there are a giant wide variety of customers in South Korea, inflicting the country's on-line web sites to be (too) popular.Unfortunately, the specific wide variety of toolbar customers and their origins are no longer available, and inquiries concerning this have but to be answered, which says nothing about the Ranking's credibility. Nonetheless, based totally on acknowledged internet site visits and Rankings, a selection on the value of the Ranking may also be made. As a result, many initiatives have been launched in which a hyperlink between the quantity of visits and the rating has been created. It's viable that the quantity of customers in English-speaking nations, such as the Netherlands, is greater than in non-English-speaking nations (except South Korea).The size factor unfold already suggests that the Ranking's dependability is not very good. However, based totally on the relationship, it is now viable to predict the range of visits each and every day.

Is the Alexa rating applicable to a search engine's ranking?

Many advertising and marketing corporations declare that the Alexa rating of a internet site does now not take into consideration, however you can not rule out the Alexa rating if you do not understand what variables have an impact on Google's Page Rank. PageRank and rating have some parallels, in accordance to my study. When two almost equal web sites with the equal PageRank show up in search results, the one with the lowest Alexa rating ranks better. Of course, deciding whether or not this is due to the Alexa rating is difficult.

The free Alexa rank checker is the most extensively used web optimization device for figuring out a website's modern-day function in the ranking system. In the site visitors rank checker, the lowest rating range is better. It is beneficial for figuring out internet site visitors and measuring the well worth of a website.
You might also seem at the categorization for up to ten special web sites at the identical time. It's the easiest and quickest way to tune the status, inbound links, and ranking of countless web sites at the equal time. The site's ranking can aid you apprehend visitors statistics, make bigger your perception of area usage, and make extra suggestions. Allow your website's overall performance to be decided by using its ranking.On the different hand, rating on a each day groundwork as nicely as different web optimization authorities is impossible, so a device like this is, of course, helpful. You definitely want to enter the URL and click on the Submit button to get hold of the Alexa Rank of your website.

You have to be capable to reply the question, “Why do you want to make use of this tool?” earlier than the usage of this final Alexa rating checker. Well, is in most cases used for rating purposes. Alexa verifies and publishes the quantity of traffic to your website. This is a frequent rating analyzer that can be used to take a look at the quantity of web page views as properly as a range of different vital elements that can also be recommended when performing search engine optimization. One of the most beneficial aspects of the Alexa rank checker is that it approves you to rapidly evaluate or compete with different web sites and observe their performance.A thorough examination of the statistics will allow you to examine extra about the desirable components and observe them to your internet site and blog. Alexa rank shows how famous a weblog is based totally on the variety of traffic it receives. It represents the facts of your visitors! Do you prefer to comprehend how many human beings got here to your competition? The Alexa rating is a excellent indicator! While PageRank and area authority are given the biggest viable score, the rating is correct: the decrease your grade, the better.

The Alexa Rank Checker Tool is one of the biggest and most terrific portions of art. We've already completed a lot of learn about into the launch of this product, so we're a strong tool. To use this tool, in reality enter your area title and the relaxation of the required information. You may also use the Alexa device to discern out how plenty cash you choose to spend on marketing. We ensured that all benefits and hazards have been evaluated and finally examined and examined components had been constructed up in a very fine manner during the advent of this superb website positioning tool.

The dimension factor unfold already suggests that the Ranking's dependability isn't always very good. However, primarily based on the relationship, it is now possible to predict the quantity of visits each and every day. These top rate selections are advocated for business and lookup uses. Free alternatives like the Ranking are super for speedy and soiled analyses, however maintain in thinking that their dependability is restricted!

Traffic Rank on Alexa:

Alexa Internet Inc. is an employer located in California, United States. It focuses on commercial enterprise on line site visitors statistics.

It's a metric that tells web sites how many humans have regarded at their page. Website proprietors and bloggers use the Alexa toolbar to take a look at the well worth of their web sites and see how famous they are in the on line world, as properly as the rankings of their competitors' sites.

Alexa's visitors rating is based totally on three months of information gathered from its toolbars. The decrease the fee of a site's Alexa rank, the extra site visitors it receives. In Italy, Google is the most famous website. It is carefully observed by means of Facebook, YouTube, and Yahoo.